Mets Police Morning Laziness: You can feel 25 but you’re still actually 36 and coming off a PED suspension

SLACKISH REACTION:  I am kind of turned off to the Mets brand this morning. No, not because of insensitive caps and their lack of response, but because of the media blowing all this Tebow nonsense.  Just not interested guys, so I will do something else than engage with your (insensitive) brand.

The Mets have signed whoever Adeniy Hechavarria is.   He seems to be an infielder because you can never have 5 too many of those.

Robinson Cano says he feels 25.  That’s nice and all but that doesn’t make someone 25.    It still makes you 36, coming off a PED suspension and your contract is too long but your former agent doesn’t care.  The media needs to not just eat #TheNarrative. tells us that Syndergaard is open to an extension by his former agent.  Warning, thinks people are going to put up with a website with 8 million pop ads and not immediately exit.

Fun read why some guy from Detroit hates the Mets.  Spoiler: one of you morons put on him when he was a kid.

Josh Lewin wrote us all a goodbye.

ICYMI Matt Harvey seems unconvinced that The Dark Knight is Back even though he said TDK is back.

Patch Creep has ruined the 2019 Spring Uniforms

The Mets are trying to copyright LGM and I say they can GFY

Really not feeling this brand today – and to be fair it’s more about the media that surrounds them (and local merchants) than anything the actual team is doing.  Well, except trading the farm for ex-players and perpetuating the Tebow nonsense.