Ten Years Ago: Lunatic Manager Hands Murphy The LF Job – And I Love It

With the blog being in its 11th season I have plenty of old posts to recycle…so on Tuesday I bring you a Ten Years Ago post. Here’s one from 2/22/09 and it looks like I’m pretty jazzed about this kid Jerry Manuel is planning on playing in left field.

As it would turn out, Murphy would only play 27 games in LF, and would get 101 games in at first.  He’d miss the entire 2010 season due to injury because he got taken out learning second base so some hotshot prospect named Ike Davis could play first.  The media is very hot on Ike, keep an eye on him.  And now from 2009…..


Jerry isn’t messing around!

Daniel Murphy will be the Mets every day left fielder.

What’s that you say?  This guy was basically promoted from Double-A last year and the Mets have yet to play even an inning of spring training?   Jerry doesn’t care what you think.

“I’ve seen it. I’m confident. The way he swings the bat I’m confident that he can handle that. I don’t have a problem with that.”

Since Manny Ramirez isn’t coming, this is a good thing.  I’d rather hope we get 15 years out of Murph in left rather than one year out of someone from the leftover pile like Tatis.

I love what a maniac Jerry is.   He’s wonderfully entertaining.   I kind of want to see him actually stab someone for not running out a ball.

What does everyone think of these jerseys?  If the Mets insist on incorporating black (and that they do) these aren’t bad.   I’m not crazy about the orange underarms, but they aren’t as hideous as the all black were.


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