Matt Harvey pitched a spring outing. How did The Koala do? You’ll look.

It was another exciting return for The Dark Knight Of Anaheim of Los Angeles (TDKoala) on a sunny Monday afternoon, as I watched Spring Baseball for the first time.

Matt looked pretty focused walking in….

…when suddenly he removed his hat and….

Whoa, The Dark Knight recedes!  Someone is gonna need to win 20 games really soon if they want to keep dating super models.

Anyway the man has played Never Have I Ever at a higher level than any of us so stop staring at his hair and focus on his arm…

The Koala’s 5th pitch was hit to RF for a single.  2018’s Matt Harvey did not respond well to adversity.  How would the Angels version?

Oh no it’s a wild pitch!

And Matt looks stressed!

Oh no it’s a bad attempt at a pickoff to second!  Cue Meat Loaf!

Annnnd….a single RBI….

It’s a long inning for our caped crusader, and this looks a lot like 2018.  My man is good at clean innings but if anything goes wrong, it goes wrong.  BTW 17 pitches in I am reminded how boring baseball is.

Some other shenanigans happened..a SB, an error…but Koala would not be denied and got a strikeout on a slider with his 31st pitch of the inning.  1-0 Texas.

Koala returned for the 2nd, after all that’s what he does, but he walked the lead off hitter.  What could go wrong?

Well I guess a bloop hit and two men on could go wrong…

Oh no!  It’s a double!

It’s a blurry double but a double none the less. YOU do recaps of Angels games.

The Angels announcers are right, Matt is unlucky.  Unlucky that he walks guys.  Unlucky that he throws balls into CF.   It’s all so unlucky!!!  Matt then got one of his patented fly outs to the track.  3-0.   Then the Rangers got another one of those lucky hits between SS and third and it was 4-0 and then….OH NO

Looks like that’s a wrap!

And TDK does not look happy.

But fortunately for me, 4 outs and 4 runs makes for a great MH Post with not much time commitment.  May all his starts be this short.  As for the Who cares, stop blogging about Matt Harvey crowd, this will be today’s most-read post.  It always is.

No supermodels tonight.

The Dark Knight will return.

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