Mets Mount Rushmore Monday: Tom Seaver and the Mount Rushmore of Mets Starting Pitching

It’s another Monday and another Mets Mount Rushmore.  We can get the construction rolling on this one, which should be a good attraction.





The first three are easy….if I have to explain Seaver you are at the wrong website.  Koosman is your ace unless you have Seaver.  Gooden – well discussed – Shea never rocked like it did when Doc was on the mound.

Leaving us one spot.  I’d kind of like to put Darling on here.  Take a minute to read this breakdown of how good Ronnie was.

But Santana makes the list for two reasons.  (1) He handed in the best Mets pitching performance of all time during that penultimate game in 2008…and then he (2) gave his career so you could have a NOHAN t-shirt (yeah yeah I know, he hurt his foot two starts later, that’s totally why he never pitched again.  Totally).

That’s giving your all.  And that gets you on the mountain.

Yes there are plenty of names we could toss about but you only get 4 on the mountain, the other guys will have to settle for statues in front of the visitor’s center.