Mets Police Morning Laziness: quiet morning if you’re not an NFL or NBA team

SLACKISH REACTION:  Much like the Mets I seem to have gotten rid of The Virus which is good.  Plenty to talk about if you like football or the NBA, but in Queens, not so much.  Today’s spin seems to be 50 articles about how awesome everyone from Tebow to Vargas to Gimenez is….in other words, it’s the middle of Spring Training.

The Mets will do a pre-season workout in Syracuse, and it’s free.

Did you notice that the Mets’ marketing focus is on….the General Manager?

Wednesday 1:10pm vs Astros: SNY

Thursday 1:05 at Cardinals: Cardinals radio on horrible MLB App

Friday 1:10pm vs Nationals: SNY

Saturday 1:05pm at Nationals: WCBS radio