What if the projections are right and the 2019 Mets are a 4th Place Team?

So I saw this Hardball Talk with NL EAST PREVIEWS and I was like, sure I like clickbait, and checked it out.  Holy cow, the projections show the Mets in 4th place.  These are things like Pecota (nonsense) and other nonsense that you stat nerds like.

PECOTA, from Baseball Prospectus, sees the Phillies and Nationals tying for first place with 89 wins, followed by the Mets at 87 wins and the Braves at 85. The Marlins bring up the rear with only 67 wins. FanGraphs doesn’t disagree all that much, pegging the Nationals as NL East champs with 90 wins, followed by the Phillies at 86, the Mets and Braves at 84, and the Marlins at 62. (via HBT)


…what happens if this team finishes 4th.   We have five four aces ya know.  Ya can’t be finishing 4th with five four aces.

One would have to assume that Mickey Hodges can’t survive that, right?

And what about this guy…

You can’t all bromance stuff and bring in all your old pals and finish 4th.  Can you stay committed to the Long Con if the Long Con results in a disaster?

And what if this guy walks…

Things could be VERY UGLY in Queens a year from now….when Cano still has 4 years left on his deal.  (There are so many boos in Cano’s future.  It is his inescapable destiny).

This is a very doom and gloom post but man, you clowns better win this year…..FOURTH PLACE?  Holy crap.

What is Jessica Mendoza’s plan to stop all this from happening?????!!!!   Won’t someone help us??????   Al Leiter, get in here – what are we doing wrong??? FOURTH PLACE???