Mets introduce Amazin’ Mets Pass for $39 (read that as $44) monthly SRO entry!

So this looks pretty cool…

For only $39 per month, the Amazin’ Mets Pass includes a mobile ticket to every regular season home game (excluding April 4 & July 2-3).

Benefits include:

  • Guaranteed Standing Room ticket to every game*, including weekend games
  • Option to Upgrade to a Ticketed Seat for one (1) Monday-Thursday game
  • Ease of delivery via the MLB Ballpark app – scan your ticket at the gate directly from your phone
  • Auto-renews each month – no need to make monthly purchases

* Amazin’ Mets Pass does not include April 4 & July 2-3. There is a limit of 6 passes per account.

Also some interesting FAQs…

Hey @mediagoon can I bum your pass tonight?

Q: Can I share my pass with someone else?
A: Yes, you can forward your Amazin’ Mets Pass to family or friends beginning four (4) hours prior to each game via the MLB Ballpark app. Recipients will need to also access and scan their tickets via the MLB Ballpark app.

Well I bet the Wilpons won’t give me a bobblehead..

Q: Am I eligible to receive promotional giveaways with my Amazin’ Mets Pass ticket?
A: Yes! With your digital Standing Room ticket, you are able to enter Citi Field as soon as the gates open, and receive a promotional giveaway item at the gate, provided you are eligible based on that giveaway’s posted quantity restrictions.

So say 15 home games in a month give or take…call it $3 a game.  Blow off September when they are 50 games out.  You usually just hang out on the bridge anyway.  Really seems like a great deal.  If I still lived in Queens it might work on me (except for the part where going to games is terrible).

From the Mets side, it will get more people in the building which is good for energy and good for selling them hot dogs.

You know me, I hate everything, but I think this is really great.  Great job Mets!


I imagine there’s some reason fees aren’t baked in – my guess is so that they don’t have to share the service charge with the central fund, but that’s just an uneducated guess.

So it’s really $44.  Still pretty snazzy.

What the Mets need to do next is revisit the Soda Porch and make that a series of plateaus where people can just hang.

Also, let’s be honest, if you wait two innings you should be able to find yourself a seat upstairs without trying too hard.

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