I’m NOT excited for Mets Opening Day

We’re a week out from Mets season and I’m not excited at all.  Not looking ahead to it in the least.

I started to think about it, and I think it comes back to the Brand.  You know Mets, the thing I have been writing about for 11 years now.

I think about my favorite Mets player.  I don’t have one.  I don’t even have an idea of one.  Sure there are guys that one could like: JDG, Thor, Nimmo, Conforto.  I don’t feel attached to any of them.

Am I supposed to like Robinson Cano, the36 year old coming off a PED suspension?  I know the Mets think I am, but I don’t.

Am I supposed to be excited about Mickey Hodges and his new culture that lasted until May 1st?

The Mets really seem to think we’re into General Managers.  I’m not.  At all.

The new stadium smell is gone.  I have no interest in going to Citi Field and I’m thinking about selling the two tickets I have to the home opener.  Speaking of which, the Mets open on the road which is always less fun, and takes the excitement out of the home opener.  I kind of like the End Of Winter that the opener brings, but this year it’s a Thursday that’s really Game 6 or whatever it is on the schedule.  A new $14 chicken sandwich just isn’t that appealing.

I think about how I lost my connection to the radio both because of WOR’s WahWah and the MLB Apps awful commercial volume.  I learned to Iive without listening to Mets games, and that life was fine.

I put the TV on, and the main guy turns me off.  I know we’re supposed to worship at the altar of Gary, but he lost me with the Murph stuff.  And now that I blog every day I realize a lot of his calls are not as good as you guys think they are.  They used to be, but the Gary of 2018 didn’t have his A-game.  So I bury my face in twitter.

The sport itself?  Increasingly unwatchable for all the bullpenning reasons we discussed all winter.  Even if I make Thor my favorite player, there’s a big difference than watching Doc or Tom throw a CG and Thor pitching 5 and a third.  BIG difference.  And then the game crawls for the next 90 minutes.

I know it’s not you Mets, it’s me.  But you used to have me, and you’re losing me.  I’d say you don’t care, but we both know that baseball’s median age of fan is graying – and if you lose me, who do you have?

I’m not excited for Thursday’s road opener.  I should be.  I’m not.


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