Back in black? Is it time for the Mets to tap into a new nostalgia point?

Yesterday’s discussion of the blue/black 2011 BP jerseys led to a discussion of the black Mets jerseys.  Some people were mad at me for bringing up the black jerseys at all.

So here’s a question with a difficult answer.

Should the Mets bring back the black jerseys?

My answer is…..yes.

My personal answer is no, my professional answer is yes.

I have news for you, none of us are getting younger.  The 1986 nostalgia point has been burned to a crisp.  I was a teenager in 1986 and I’m almost 50.  It’s time for the Mets, for their own well being, to turn to a new nostalgia point whether we like it or not, and that point is the Bobby V years and the Bobby V years were black.

Here’s my suggestion.  Just like the Mets did in 2016, the Mets should wear the black jerseys once a week in 2020 (the 20th anniversary of the 2000 NL Champions).  ONCE A WEEK Mets.  Not 161 games a year like you used to do which is what made everyone mad, ONCE A WEEK.

I propose Friday nights.  Black Friday.  Wearing them in day games would be stupid, and you Mets aren’t stupid are you?  No of course the Mets aren’t stupid and wouldn’t wear black in the heat, they would wear them at night.

I don’t have a good solution for the caps.  The hybrid cap (above) never really worked.  It looks good on a civilian standing 2 feet from you, but out in the field the NY gets lost…and the whole thing winds up looking kind of purple somehow.

One solution might be to go with the all black cap which was better….

Or maybe the best solution is this one….

Can the Mets wear that?  I will argue it’s a Mets logo on a black cap.  You  might argue it’s a Giants cap.  Who really is to say.  Or maybe you make this with a black squatcho and that somehow un-Giants it, and then the Mets could wear it.  I don’t know how all that works.  Clearly the Mets wear the Giants’ old NY and the world doesn’t end.   Someone should be able to figure this out – but then again nobody can figure out 9-11 caps so who knows.

One thing that IS clear is the drop shadow should never ever ever ever never ever never never never ever be seen again.

The black itself wasn’t really the problem, it was incorporating the black into everything.  The black ball logo.  The hideous drop shadow.  And of course the Mets overdoing it and wearing black 150 times a year and burying the real uniforms.

Long time readers might be shocked to hear me say it, but it is time.  Black Fridays.  15 games in 2000.

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