Mets Police Morning Laziness: welcome to Syracuse where Mets players are miserable

SLACKISH REACTION:  Oh my what a busy evening we had last night…

The Mets were delayed getting into Syracuse!  Mets not happy.  And Thor just wanted the Mets to be rested.

We found out how Thor thinks Game of Thrones will end!

We found out how Syracuse will look for the workout nobody wants.

The Mets are honoring Tom Seaver with a spelling error.  

Should the Mets brig back the black?

….and today should be fun as the media fans the flames with Syracuse-gate, and the Mets’ biggest star doesn’t care who gets annoyed at what he says.  Preach Thor!

The super-important workout still have tickets available, per Syracuse Mets twitter, at 6am.  The tickets are free.

I’m still not at all excited about Opening Day and might just work instead.  Oh baseball, what have you done?

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