Gil Must Go: Gil over-manages the 1969 Mets and costs Gentry the complete game

OMG can we stop overmanaging?   How do you let Gentry go 8 2/3 and not have the confidence to let him finish the game?  We have to build confidence here, it’s not like this team is winning the World Series this year.  The guy is one out from a CG against an expansion team and Gil goes out and gets him.  SMH.

I almost lost it when Koonce came in and walked Mota to load the bases.  We are very very lucky Gil didn’t over-manage us into dropping 2 of 3 to an expansion team.  

I get that this guy was on Brooklyn, but I was a Giants fan.  Means nothing to me.  I’d rather have someone who can manage a game than run this nostalgia train.

At least we got the win and I didn’t totally waste two hours and three minutes of my time.

We have Kooz tomorrow against the Cardinals and whoever the hell Steve Carlton is.   Should be an easy one.  Baseball does not have stars.

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