Sterling or Scully: Gary Cohen vs. Braves Guy edition

Here’s Gary Cohen calling a home run….

And here’s Braves Guy calling the same home run

Gary’s call is terrible. He is not seeing the ball well this season as I keep pointing out and the Gare Force gets mad about. Plus some to the wall nonsense. John Sterling would be proud.  My buddy Mike says Gare forgot the CFers name.  That’s not really a good defense of Gare there Michael.

Braves Guy doesn’t do the greatest call but there’s nothing egregious about it, and he wins this battle. Right now Gary is the 3rd best Mets play by play guy behind Wayne and of course the man who is the best in the league, Howie Rose.

Gary Verdict: Sterling

Braves Verdict: Scully

Winner: Braves Guy

I’m not ignoring the great call of Pete Alonso’s HR.  I didn’t include it here because I like the dueling calls idea here.  The Pete call gets its own post at 12:05am.

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