Gil Must Go: How did the 1969 Mets lose at Shea with Koosman vs. whoever Carlton is?

Are you kidding me with this team?  How do we lose at home with Jerry Koosman on the hill?

First of all Jerry, I love you, but you gotta do better than 7 innings and 4 runs.  Come on man.

We lost to Steve Carlton?  Who is this guy?  I never heard of him.  30-23 career record coming in, and he strolls into Shea and beats us.

And explain this to me – WHY THE HELL IS JIM MCANDREW PITCHING THE 9TH?   Did Gil not see him suck the other day?  What did Gil see two days ago in the 1 inning start that makes him think this guy should pitch the 9th?  How about using the kid Ryan to lock this thing down.

It’s not even the first weekend and they are 2 back.  This game was a totally drag – two hours and 43 minutes for a baseball game?  Are you kidding me?  And 12,000 at Shea – the place is a ghost town.   Let’s face it, this is a Yankees town and always will be.

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