Mets Police Morning Laziness: MSM discovers baseball is boring, Gary Cohen’s mixed bag of HR calls

My #1 follower Noah Syndergaard was harassed by the dopey Braves mascot!

I know when I say Baseball Is Boring everyone gets mad at me, but here’s Joel Sherman (thanks to Matt Cerrone for putting this on my radar.)

What has been lost? Essentially action plays that involve multiple players coordinating and base-to-base action. In the history of the modern game (since 1900), 2019 is on pace for the lowest per-game rate ever for triples, sacrifice bunts, and double plays, and the lowest for steals since 1958.

And, of course, MLB is trying to address this style, worried that a next generation of fans blessed with more entertainment alternatives and shorter attention spans are not going to be as devoted to the sport as previous generations. (via NY Post)

Hmmm maybe we are on our way to yet another topic where I get shouted down for two years and then everyone realizes I was right!

Speaking of which, the Gare Force is getting mad at me for pointing out Gary Cohen is not as good as he used to be.   Here’s Bad Gary…..and here’s the Good Gary I wish would show up for every at bat.

SLACKISH REACTION:   The first place Mets are 8-4!  Robinson Cano’s OPS is .621!

10 Years Ago tomorrow Citi Field opened!

Gil Must Go:  come on man, let Gentry finish the game!

7:20 start again tonight, and tomorrow….and a 7:08 Sunday for SNB with A-Rod and baseball operations expert Jessica Mendoza.

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