The 2019 Mets Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, All Star Game and Armed Forces Day caps – are all bad

So before we begin, let me stop off to tell you how annoyed I am at this stupid stupid dying sport.  As you can imagine, I’d love to tell you about the 2019 Holiday Uniforms.  Somewhere there is a press kit or a press release, but I for the life of me can’t find it on line, and if you apply to MLB Pressbox there’s a good chance you wind up not hearing back, as happened to me and at least one other blogger.

Now, aside from my bees being bonneted, why WOUDLN’T MLB want this info readily accessible.  Whatever gate it is behind – WHY WHY WHY?

So instead of easily sourcing the material to a few thousand fans who seem to be interested in talking about baseball uniforms, they make this difficult and I now have to share with you a sub-par post.

I did find an article on which has SOME of the information, but not all the images…so let me scrounge and do my best.   Unfortunately I will need to excerpt way more than I normally do from an article but hey MLB, just post the press release.

One major thing of note, this year they stopped doing jerseys for all these.   Just caps.  (Except All Star).

Mother’s Day highlights
During games on Mother’s Day, players will don newly designed caps with pink accents on the team logos and cap brims. A matching pair of pink socks is optional for every player, while regular club jerseys will be adorned by a pink ribbon on the left chest. (via

Oh cool.  Maybe there’s an image on  Nope.  Nope.  Mets Instagram? Nope.  MLB Insta?  Nope.  Twitter feeds?  Nope.  So it’s not just me being whiny, the sport doesn’t have its own act together.  Even the article doesn’t have images.

Fortunately, Michael Baron has Double Elite MLB Secret Access..

That cap sucks.  Don’t buy it.  Donate $40 to a Breast Cancer Charity.

Next back to the MLB Article (this is SO STUPID MLB)

Father’s Day highlights
A light blue ribbon will be placed on the left chest of regular team jerseys, while New Era designed a new cap with light blue crowns to accent team colors on the brim and logo. Players also have the option of wearing light blue socks. (via

And back to Baron.

Hmmm sorta interesting. All the caps have that weird shading as seen here in this Royals cap image I had to make by freeze framing the ONE tweet MLB did do about this, because again, why would you make this info really available when you can just forfeit sports to the NFL Draft and the NBA Playoffs?

Annnnnd back to the article….

Independence Day weekend highlights
For the 12th consecutive summer, U.S.-based MLB Clubs will sport caps with their historic team logos, emblazoned with stars and stripes to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend. The sides of the caps also feature the American and National League logos. Players also have the option of wearing socks with a fireworks design, while a Stars and Stripes patch will adorn home and road jerseys during games on July 4. The Toronto Blue Jays will sport their red alternate jerseys with red Maple Leaf caps on Canada Day — July 1. (via

Are these reruns? I feel like we own these already.  Here’s the 2017 design.

But I guess I’m conflating that with the color scheme of the 2014 4th of July cap.  I think I like this one better.

All-Star Futures Game/All-Star Workout Day
The jerseys, caps and socks that top prospects will wear for the 2019 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game and that MLB All-Stars will wear on Gatorade All-Star Workout Day, celebrate the host city of Cleveland.

For the first time since the 2000 Home Run Derby, players will sport a sleeveless, vest-styled jersey in navy or red, depending on league affiliation. The caps are dark grey with two baseball bats crossed on the front of the crown and team logo centered above, while the socks illustrate a concert with all MLB cities listed on the back in the style of a musical act’s tour shirt. (via

oooooh BIG swing and a miss. There’s potential here but why is this so dark and grey? There’s a cool blue and orange of this cap to exist….but this cap sucks.

Also I kinda hope Murph DOESN’T make the All Star Team because I don’t want one of these horrendous sleeveless jerseys. Who thought this was a good idea at the consumer level? Yuck

Apparently all the NL teams got stuck with suck, but the AL teams got red lettering which looks way better.

All-Star Game
For the sixth consecutive summer, New Era, in conjunction with MLB, has created a new All-Star cap design theme, representing every club, to be worn in the All-Star Game presented by Mastercard. This year’s caps are team colored and feature two silver stars, one on either side of the team logo on the cap fronts.

A patch of the primary All-Star Game logo will adorn the right sleeve of all game jerseys and a star-shaped patch representing a player’s number of All-Star appearances will be placed on the left sleeve. (via

These blow. People are going to say they like them, but those stars suck and the line is worse. Yuck.

By the way, I know I started out cranky but I’m not hating on the attire because I’m mad at MLB, I am hating on it because they all suck.

And last but not least, MLB has stoped with the Memorial Day Camo and instead has decided to celebrate Armed Forces Day on May 18th.

A jersey patch featuring the Stars and Stripes-silhouetted batter will be placed on the left chest. The right side of the caps feature a five-starred emblem to represent the five branches of the U.S. military. The Blue Jays will wears a badge with four maple leafs on the right side of their caps to demonstrate respect for the Canadian Armed Forces.

MLB will donate its royalties earned on the sales of licensed items to military-focused charities. Last year, according to LeGrande, donations were made to Tragedy Assistance for Survivors, Folds of Honor Foundation, The Mission Continues and others. (via

I like how they got in front of the annual WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO question this year.

Unfortunately, this cap too….sucks.

As for Memorial Day itself – they will wear jerseys with poppies.  That’s the best of the entire bunch.  I’d show you what Mets looks like but that appears to be a state secret nobody has access to.

That design will NOT be sold to the public, according to Chris Creamer’s Sports Logos Dot Net

There ya have it. The worst collection of Holiday/All Star/America Fuck Yeah/Money Grab Day merch I can remember. Media Goon is already camped out in a tent in front of Models, but my wallet is closed. These suck.

And MLB, get your act together.  There’s no reason this info should be so hard to put together.  Last year you had it all in one nice big release.  Why take the sport backward?

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