Mets Police Morning Laziness: I guess Vargas Night could have gone better

SLACKISH REACTION:  I am actually writing this at 10pm last night because this morning was a Get Up At 6, Throw On A Cap, And Run Out The Door kind of Sunday morning.  I couldn’t even take a minute to write this.   Anyway, the Mets are losing and my man Vargas wasn’t so good.

Hey….today was supposed to be Harvey Day…..what’s going on?

The Mets are on SNB tonight.  Don’t forget SNB is now 7 not 8.  Gotta feel bad for all those West Coast Baseball Fans who normally can’t get to TVs by 4pm.

On SNB is Baseball Operations Expert Jessica Mendoza.  She said she doesn’t think the Mets have a set plan for her.  I am not being mean that’s what she said.   No I mean those are words attributed to her…not a Michael Scott joke.

And I imagine the big news you will all wake up to is the Ron Darling news.  Get well soon Ronnie.