Silly blog about the Mets turns 11!

Wow it’s April 15th again?

I wonder who this is

Quick recap for the newbies – the blog started because I wanted to teach myself about what was then called New Media and I decided to write about my two favorite things, the Mets and The Police.

Well, lol it became a Mets blog.

Anyway, on April 15 2008 the Mets (and all other teams) took the field wearing #42 jerseys with No Names On The Back (NNOB in uni-parlance.)

Now, as a person with good taste you know that baseball uniforms look better with NNOB – BUT if you ever needed a name on the back, maybe the day when everyone has the same number would be a good day.

Along the way, made some friends, some people followed, some unfollowed, I’ve been called a shill, and I’ve been called negative (I’m actually always the same, it’s the fanbase that goes from GREATEST TEAM EVER to BOYCOTTS AND BILLBOARDS).

Two stadiums, a few managers, an All Star Game, a World Series, Murph, the Dark Knight, David Wright, dragged my kid to a million games, Banner Day, hit a game with Dave Howard, helped (I think) convince the Mets to get rid of the stupid black uniforms….and probably a whole lot of other posts.

I’ve gone from being in my 30s to running out of 40s.   Big thanks to @mediagoon for his participation for many years.  Thank YOU for reading and getting the jokes.

The mission continues to be that I blog until the Mets win the World Series while dressed nicely, then a post or two about the parade and then adios.  (Maybe I will go fix Star Trek or something.)   I thought I was out in 2015 but the Mets keep dragging me in.

Thanks for being part of this silliness.

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