Streaming, the death of the clock radio, and the waning days of baseball on the radio

I’m wondering if the age of listening to baseball on the radio is winding down.

Since the MLB App has well taught me not to trust their product (four years of LOUD COMMERCIALS on Mets game made me decide not to give them $20), I have found myself thinking about listening to games on the radio as I sit in the yard or as I wind down to sleep.

Here’s the thing.  I don’t own a radio.

I don’t use clock radios anymore – don’t most people use their phone as their alarm?

If I did, the static on the AM band is so bad that I couldn’t hear the game anyway.  (I do have one clock radio left but see my point about the static).

I also don’t own a walkman type device.  Does anyone?  iPhones made those obsolete.

I use Alexa for my music in the house.  Alexa, play The Police.   But MLB doesn’t let radio stations stream the games….and thus I just don’t listen.  No app, no radio, no Alexa…no listen.

In the yard, I can just fire up YouTubeTV and listen to GKRZ (Gary, Keith, Ron, Zeile) (I before e except in Zeile).

So no radio.  All radio has left is the car.

I’m not saying this is good.  I’m not saying it’s bad.  I do wish MLB would just let radio stations stream the game – “Alexa play the Mets” might be a good thing to have for changing consumer habits….but again, if MLB wants to make their sport hard to consume whether it’s late starts or not making it easy to listen (even if I pay, see point about LOUD COMMERCIALS) then I am happy to not consume it.   It’s not 1979 anymore, I have plenty of ways to pass the time.