Gil Must Go: Agee is batting .195 for the 1969 Mets and Gil leads him off

Why is Gil Hodges still managing this team?  Why is Tommie Agee batting leadoff with a .195 average?  Can anyone explain this to me?  Please don’t come at me with defense.  I really don’t care about defense.  Score some runs.

Why can’t this stupid team ever beat Jim Bunning?  Bunning will barely finish his career with 200 wins, let’s not make it out like he should be in the Hall of Fame?

Another day, another shutout loss…and Gil sails along.

Another nice outing for Cardwell, 7 innings, 1 run, I can’t believe he’s 0-2.  Maybe if we didn’t have a leadoff guy batting .195

The Mets are 3-7.  What a waste of two hours and 17 minutes listening to this on the radio.