Mets Police Morning Laziness: deGrom bumped for Vargas! Matt Harvey’s interesting night!

SLACKISH REACTION:  It was kind of nice having a night of no Mets baseball so I could do other things.   I didn’t really experience any of yesterday’s game, even on twitter, as the 2019 Mets and my schedule haven’t really meshed.

Did you hear deGrom has strep throat making tomorrow Vargas Day!

I did make time for The Dark Knight!  All was going fine for TDKOALA but then all of a sudden….

Did you know that TOMMY MILONE has more career wins than Matt Harvey?

Search your feelings (or click the link), you know it to be true!

Another thing that is true is that Matt Harvey Content is always the most popular stuff on this site.   You love Matt Harvey.

Here are some thoughts about baseball on the radio being less of a thing because of technology changes.

And if you missed it, treat yourself to this old newsreel of Shea Stadium’s opening.  It’s really fantastic.


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