Mets Police Morning Laziness: Aces Down, Deuces Wild

SLACKISH REACTION:   A nice man came into the Donuts Chain and ordered “Coffee, Deuces Wild.”   All of us in the Chain basically….

Apparently Deuces Wild, as the nice man explained, is “Two Cream, Two Sugar and Two (didn’t hear him but there’s a third thing.)”  The nice man encouraged the staff to learn what it means so next time he can just say Deuces Wild.

Don’t make people’s jobs hard folks.

Happy Vargas Day!   Vargas, who will lead the team in wins, can catch up to the leaders (deGrom and Familia) once he banks his second win tonight.

Lyin’ Todd Frazier was sent to Syracuse.  Sad.  

The fine folks at Flight Aware say that charter travel really isn’t so bad.  I wish I had Thursday off.  I did not.   Not a bad trip for Philly to St. Louis commuters.  They even got in early!

It is a quiet day coming off the day with no game.  I don’t even have a Gil Must Go for you because the 1969 Mets were off.

Here’s a really good read about the Yankees’ financials.  #WWMDS?