Mets Police Morning Laziness: Hey JDG get the MRI

SLACKISH REACTION:  Did anyone suggest this week that you need an MRI this week?  Did you then tell them that you re fine so they decided, “OK you don’t need an MRI.”  Do you feel confident about any of this based upon the history of the Mets?  Why would you NOT get the MRI?  Why would you NOT insist on the MRI for someone in which you have invested $137M?

Pace of Play initiatives came to 7AM Mass this morning, and eliminating walk-up music shaved lots of time.  Father Joe got it done in 25 minutes!  Clearnly no music and shorter homilies is the way to get millennials back into the church.

Red Hot Robbie Cano’s OPS is up to .646!  For you non millennials he is batting .222 with 2 HRs and 9 RBI.  As a comparison, Lyin’ Todd Frazier had an OPS of .693 in 2018.  Sad.

Need Thor to Ace It Up today.

Check out the Syndergaard Yankees jersey some guy has.

CORD CUTTING UPDATE:  The solution to watching games on WPIX was super simple – they stream the games on their website.  Easy peasy.  Cut the cord folks.