Gil Must Go: why isn’t Wayne Garrett starting every day for the 1969 Mets?

Aren’t Sunday doubleheaders just the best?

In Game 1, Gil was at it again and had Gliding Ed Charles out there to go 0 for 3.  Although to be fair to Gil the team needs some bats.  Look at the 6-7-8.  You have Amis Otis hitting .174, the Glider at .132 and Grote at .181.  That’s ROUGH.

Cardwell took a well deserved loss.  4 runs in 6 innings does not make you a superhero.

In game 2 my man McGraw did not have it as the starter, but the Astros were worse – holy cow they used SEVEN pitchers in the same game.  SEVEN!!!!

Wayne Garrett is batting .303.  Why does he not play every day?

That second game was THREE hours and 43 minutes.  I can’t imagine anyone likes watching an 11-7 baseball game.  Brutal.

Somehow the Mets are 14-16 this late into the season.  Amazing.