Mets Police Morning Laziness: Lyin’ Todd Frazier has 7 more hits than David Wright this season. Sad.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Oh are the Mets still a thing?  I feel like they haven’t played in two years.   The Mets are 19-20 and 4.5 games out.

FUN FACT:  It is May 14th.   Lyin’ Todd Frazier has 7 more hits than David Wright.  But it’s a really gritty 7 hits that have been grinded out (ground out?) and he is slugging .265.  Oh Todd, we could have been friends.  Why did you block me?

Speaking of David Wright, he was at Bethpage talking golf for some reason that makes sense to golf people.

Gothamist asked actual security experts who said the backpack ban will not stop the likes of Dr. Evil.

NOT LINKING: The other sites saw the newspaper write about Jed Lowrie so they also are writing about Lowrie.

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You're so bored with there being no Mets that you'll watch David Wright talk about golf