MUST READ: everything you wanted to know about the 1994 Eastern Division Champion New York Pigeons!

There have been many great Uni Watches over the years, but this is one of the Top 5 of All Time (maybe I will make a list some day….the Mrs. Met/Lady Met comes to mind, the Wilpon Script comes to mind….) but today is a must read.  Here’s just a tiny taste….

…they definitely weren’t a 1992 expansion team. So I gravitated toward a blackletter font because it felt iconic, classic, and like it was maybe around since the 1930s (via Uni Watch)

This article is fantastic.  There is even MORE detail than we had all realized (vendor pins!).  We find out what those championship banners say.  Oh the detail.

I wish someone would sell Pigeons Merch as I would buy an entire set immediately.

Anyway stop reading my stupid site and go read this on Uni Watch.  When you’re done there you can come back and read my very detailed recap of the commercial from a few months back.

BTW I am totally making this team in Super Mega Baseball 2 and MLB The Show.  Sorry Los Angeles Cyclones.