Mickey Watch Watch: I predict Mickey Callaway will be fired by the Mets on May 26th

I’m declaring it.  May 26th.

I predict Mickey will be relieved of his duties following the game on Sunday May 26th.

After that game, Interim Manager Jim Riggleman and the Mets will head to the West Coast.  The Memorial Day holiday coupled with the late starts on the West Coast will give the Mets some cover from the total media circus.

Jim will be settled in before the June 4th homestead, and then the games against the Yankees on June 10 and 11.

We can argue about whose fault this is, but Wags is gonna have to make a move – and he’ll make it on May 26th.

Jason Alexander in a Syracuse Mets uniform? You know you're gonna click.
So much for me rooting for Keon Broxton on the Mets