Matt Harvey was better than Jacob deGrom last night…you’ll look.

It was everyone’s favorite day of the week, Harvey Day, and TDK returned to face the Royals.  You may recall that earlier in the year The Koala had his best outing against these same Royals pitching 7 innings.

Now this game was a 10pm start on the east coast so I was in no mood for 7 innings.

And Matt’s off to a hot start….sit down son!

And it’s a 1-2-3 first and we get the first Matt Harvey Looks Cool Walking Off The Mound image in a long time!

Let’s talk about the uniform.  Looks pretty snazzy.  It shouldn’t, but this is a good look for the Anaheim Angels of Los Angels California United States.

Hopefully the 2nd inning would be a complete disaster so I could go to sleep….but Matt Harvey had other ideas…sit down son.

But then a WALK and would Matt respond poorly to adversity like usual……


Whew it’s one of those 380 foot outs that the Angels didn’t know about when they gave this guy $11 million.

Whew, right?

But you know how the inning ends?  You can sit down son.

And The Koala is gonna make me stay up late.

On to the 3rd but it’s almost 11pm and I only have one more inning in me.   The Angels scored three runs so Matty Baseball came out with a nice lead and….

Two quick easy ground balls and the Matt Harvey Swagger is back.

But wait….the no-hitter (wait, what?) gets broken up by a bloop….then Matt gives us another single and suddenly there are runners on the corners!

But he gets out of it…and thanks the defense for making a nice play.

That would do it for me.  As much as I like making fun of this guy, it’s 11pm and I can tell he’s going 7 tonight and I am not staying up until 2am so lets go to bed and turn it over to Saturday Morning Me…..

In the 5th, TDK got his 6th strike out.  You can sit down son!

But in the 6th, two men get on to lead off the inning…

And the Sweatshirt Bully is having none of this!

That’s some good managing there as we all know Matt is good until he’s not.

He was even better than the line – 5 innings, 2 runs (those guys), 6 Ks and maybe the 4 walks are ugly.

Not much to make fun of tonight.  He was better than deGrom.


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