Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mickey Watch Watch to be escalated to Mickey Watch?

MICKEY WATCH WATCH:  The Daily News is still a thing with Blog-Level coverage of the Mets, but the one woman who still works there thinks Mickey’s days are numbered.

 Buster Olney also wrote about it for you rich people who can afford ESPN+

Most importantly, I wrote about it and gave you the exact date he will be fired.

I may have to escalate the Mickey Watch Watch to a Mickey Watch if they lose today.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Nothing good to be said about last night, and Cano loafing helps neither the manager nor The Long Con.

Matt Harvey pitched better than DeGrom last night.  You’ll look.

Jason Alexander in a Syracuse Mets uniform,?  You’ll look.

I am going to spin this into a post, but how many All Stars are on the Mets right now?  I think the answer is one and his name is Pete.

Gil Must Go: Garrett 3 for 5 again as 1969 Mets somehow one below .500!!!
Matt Harvey was better than Jacob deGrom last'll look.