The case that Pete Alonso will be the only 2019 Mets All Star

I started to think about who might be on the All Star team for the Mets.  Let’s take a look….

Let’s start at 1B and use the stat that millennials love…OPS.  Here we see Pete Alonso is 4th

If I sort by Old Man Stats…Home Runs specifically, Pete is #2

So Bellinger is in, and we’re going to want to take someone from the Pirates so Bell is in.   Pete is right there and I will come back to his strong case.

At 2B….well this is tricky, I could see Cano making it because idiots in the rest of America will see his name at check the box….but sorting by OPS he’s not even the best “2B” on the Mets.

So for Cano it’s get-voted-in or bust, and the Cubs fans will make sure Baez is the 2B….so No Cano.  Bust.  In so many ways.

At SS, Rosario ain’t happening.  Nor is Lyin’ Todd Frazier at 3B.  Sad.

Let’s go to the OF…

If we OPS this thing, Conforto is #2.  However, Conforto has a concussion.  If he comes back soon does he come back strong?  If he’s out for a while does he have the numbers to keep up?  I’m not sure .271 9 and 21 will look All Starry in a month no matter the OPS.

If we sort by Old Man Numbers like HR it’s not as attractive, and see above about how 9 HRs looks a month from now.

Since we need a Padre, this Reyes guy solves that (although Stamen lets the league in saves).  We’re gonna need a Red…could Winker sneak in?  (Or is Luis Castillo’s 5-1 and ERA under 2 a better pick???)   Or do they take Suarez (13 HRs) at 3B?  OK maybe Winker is out.

Also not listed there is Harper who you know will get voted in.  So assuming Yelich, Harper and Pederson….with Reyes on it….two or three spots left, does Conforto get one?

At C someone is gonna suggest Ramos.  Right now only 5 catchers in the NL qualify for the batting title…let’s look at them

So that ain’t happening….

I guess we should look at the Five Four Aces….old guys like me love wins….

So no JDG and no Thor.  Sorry.  Wanna talk saves?

As you know someone could rack up 5 saves in a week, well not on the Mets as they won’t win 5 games in a week, so we can’t rule out Diaz but we do have to take someone from SF so W. Smith could get the nod.

And then there is Jeff McNeil.  Yes he has nice enough stats, but he has no position and is not a household name.  I only see this happening if Conforto is out AND they ignore Alonso AND they need a warm body with a jersey that says Mets on it.   A super-sub All Star like Joel Youngblood was once.  Is this what it has come to, comparing this team to the late 1970s???

And that’s that.  If I am MLB I would want to grow my sport and I would use my influence to make sure Pete Alonso is the choice.   My take is right now it’s Conforto or Pete, and given the concussion, my money is on Pete.



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