Gil Must Go: Terrific! Mets .500 in late May? Amazing.

Well I don’t even know what to say.   First of all, I almost forgot the 1969 Mets exist since they hadn’t played in three days.   Now if you had told me that Tom Seaver would go on a hot streak AND the Mets would be .500 on May 22nd I would never have believed you.

This is stunning, but I have to hand it to Terrific, he shut out the Braves and is somehow 6-2 with an ERA in the 1s.   I tip my cap Mr. Terrific.

I’ll also mention my boys Wayne and Buddy got hits (of course)

The Braves kinda suck….other than Aaron who do you even like on this team?  Well I will give you a name to look out for – the kid Millan.  Write this down, Felix Millan is an All Star.  The Mets wish they had a guy like him.

.500 Gil….pretty impressive.  When do we play the Cubs again to smack some reality into this mirage?

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