Mets Police Morning Laziness: #Mickeyball is back!

Joe Girardi sure sounds like he’d be happy to manage the Mets.  But the Mets won, and #TheNarrative will be that this team rallied behind Mickey blah blah blah because that’s how the MSM works.  This two game winning streak makes me less confident that Mickey will be fired after Sunday’s game, but in things in this town can happen in a New York Mets Minute

SLACKISH REACTION:  Fun game, although a tad slow.   I turned if off at 10 (I did see the walkoff from bed lest you seek to make fun of me.).  Nice homer by Alonso

Did you see the video proving Mike Piazza played on Cocaine?  Massive clickbait here.

Todd Frazier blatantly violated MLB Rule 4.06

Gil Must Go: Terrific! Mets .500 in late May? Amazing.
Sterling or Scully: Pete Alonso hits a monster HR for the Mets!