A must must read: Uni Watch talks with Nick Francona about MLB Memorial Day Uniforms

This image is in 2017 and I am not throwing Syndergaard under the bus. This is just an example of an ad that Nick Francona and Paul Lukas discuss in the article you should be reading right now.

If you like my dopey site, please leave it right now and go read this.   To entice you I will give you as short an enticement as I can with the STRONG STRONG ENCOURAGEMENT YOU READ THIS CAN’T MISS ARTICLE

I spent a lot of time trying to research MLB Charities’ paper trail. From the best I can tell, for a while it was being done through the McCormick Foundation, which had a program called Welcome Back Veterans. But when I started digging into it, what I found is that Welcome Back Veterans is basically a phrase and a program, but there’s no entity, no organization, no board — nothing by that name. And I asked MLB, “Who’s in charge of this? Who runs Wecome Back Veterans?” And they had no earthly idea, because there isn’t anyone in charge. It’s not a registered entity — it’s just a tag line. (via Uni Watch)

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