Let’s talk about this new Wilpon Yahoo Mets paysite that never did launch

I have come here to discuss the Yahoo/Mets partnership.  The tweet above is the Yahoo App’s Matt Ehalt getting mad at me because I commented that I broke Mets information while eating chicken on my deck before he shared the information on his twitter feed.

I was going to fully ignore the Yahoo App.  After all, the Wilpons and Yahoo surely have enough money to advertise on Mets Police, an openly capitalist site, but Mr. Ehalt’s tweet has made me reconsider.  So now I shall not ignore, I shall very well discuss.

Let’s start here.

The site was originally set to be called Queens Baseball Club. According to the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand, one of the results of the delay is a name change. The site will now be called Flushing Meadows Baseball Club. As for when it debuts, that is still yet to be determined.

The initial delay was for the Mets and Yahoo to receive the blessing of Major League Baseball. Now that it has been secured though, there is still no sign of Flushing Meadows Baseball Club on the internet. (via Sports Radio PD dot com)

Hmmm interesting.

And now a word from Van Hagar as @mediagoon explains about his Queens Baseball Convention.  (By the way, go see their Keith Hernandez event on the 15th.)

 We have both word marks trademarked. We brought this up to Yahoo when we found out about their Queens Baseball Club and about how similar it was to our trademarks and our brand. We have worked hard at elevating our brand of QBC/Queens Baseball Convention over the last six years and were at first bewildered at the announcement. Yahoo, my partner Dan and myself had numerous phone calls to try to work something out. Yahoo decided that they didn’t want to confuse our brands and decided to change their name. (via Van Hagar.)

That’s interesting.

The hold-up seems to have occurred because someone, either with the Mets or MLB, failed to make the financial particulars of the deal entirely clear to the league office (via Deadspin.)

That’s interesting.

There are a couple of highly-unusual elements to this deal. First, this is an app that’s partly revolving around media coverage of the Mets, but it’s paying a fee to the Mets. (via Awful Announcing.)

That’s interesting.

Anyway, I look forward to paying what I hear will be $5 to see the content generated by Mr. Ehalt.   First up, Mr. Ehalt either doesn’t know what his site is called or hasn’t changed his bio yet or maybe Yahoo thinks we don’t all know the new name.

Anyway I am sure Mr. Ehalt will get around to updating that.  He was busy covering the Mets today with tweets like this…

…which shows that he knows one of my great secrets for breaking news…I follow @mets and when they tweet something I spin it into a post!  That’s exactly how I scooped Matt last evening while eating chicken on my deck.

Anyway let’s see what else…

Ah a lineup tweet.  But not just a lineup tweet – you could get that anywhere, say by following @mets  – this had context.  Would this be the lineup that causes Washington to make a managerial change?   Pretty insightful stuff if you ask me.

There were also many tweets, many many tweets, describing the game that  people were probably watching anyway.  Here is one that was well liked, getting 6 hearts which is 6 more than my tweets get.

The thing that makes no sense at all, is that Matt is hustling at the ballpark all day and getting hearts on is tweets while I’m eating chicken on the deck and yet more people follow me than him.  Does that make any sense?  No, it does not.

I highly encourage you to start putting $5 away and support The Wilpons’ newest initiative and Matt’s new pay-site.  Should it ever launch I am sure the content will be can’t miss stuff you can’t get anywhere else.

Meanwhile, I’ll be here knocking out dumb content you can read for free.   Poolside.  Eating chicken.  And scooping beat writers by 12 minutes.

You never had your blog.


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