Mets Police Morning Laziness: red hot Mets cannot be stopped, playoff tickets on sale Friday

I think it’s insane that a sport goes out of its way to play Thursday at noon.  I get that they want school kids to come and the Nats have to be in DC by 7pm Friday but it seems nutty.

SLACKISH REACTION:   I will let everyone else write the same Rajai Davis Uber ride story with the Cinderella ending.   The Mets are just two games under .500 with a three game winning streak.  Cancel your comedy tour because a big Mets fan like you needs to be seen with Darren Saturday.

I should mention Cano.  Cano has been mentioned.

Harvey Day was rained out!!!!  Apparently it rained in Anaheim of Los Angeles earlier in the day and the field was unplayable because they don’t bother with fancy rainage systems out west.  TDKOALA has an afternoon game today.  Exciting.

BAD MEDIA:  The Media has the Yahoo story wrong but they are all copying each other.  It’s not my story to tell but the version you are reading everywhere is wrong.

And finally, good news for Lyin’ Todd Frazier.  I have been distracted…

This appears to be a truck in which you can place your backpack you tried to bring into Citi Field
Prevention And Recovery: Mets place Nimmo on IL, think Rajai Davis is good idea