Mets Police Morning Laziness: good to hear Old Howie talk about Young Howie

SLACKISH REACTION:  I listened, or tried to listen, to most of the regular innings.  It was good to hear Howie talk about the Young Howie Rose, the one that would piss people off on Mets Extra by resisting #TheNarrative.  I bet Young Howie would have dug this site.

If you are not of a certain age, Howie used to host something called Mets Extra on WFAN back when WFAN was a thing you might listen to (I know some of you still like your sports from a guy who is older than I am who goes to fewer games than I do and somehow knows less about current sports than me….plus sprinkle in 20 minutes of commercials)…anyway you would actually listen to WFAN and Mets Extra was the pre-internet place where you could bitch about how terrible The Dynasty was.   And the guy in the middle was the young Howie Rose who wasn’t all establishment like these other guys and would say what was on his mind, my mind, your mind, all of our minds.  Several managers did not enjoy Mr. Rose’s work.

Eventually the Mets destroyed it by forcing a Pravda Post Game hosted by the unimpressive Todd Kalas, and that broke the WFAN-Mets Extra habit for me and I think a lot of us.  Howie wasn’t allowed on the air until like 30 minutes after the game ended….there really was such a rule.  Now he inducts people into the Mets Hall of Fame.  We have come a long way.

I love Howie and think he’s the best PBP guy in the game.   There’s a guy that should be in the Hall.  Can he self induct?

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I did find, surprisingly, that the WCBS signal is not that good in Central NJ.  Lots of static…but then again the entire AM band has electrical noise on it these days.

In other news, I had predicted Mickey would be fired after today’s game.  It appears I am wrong.

TDKOALA Matt Harvey is on the IL.  

Was this a security breach?

NOT LINKING:  Newspapers overreacting to Wilson Ramos playing well.

NOT LINKING:  Same newspaper writing Clickbaity Why Pete Alonso could be left of Rookie of the Year ballots!!!!!  Whoa, did the Mets mess up paperwork?  Is he somehow ingeligible.  No, the writer just thinks other writers might vote for other guys.  That’s the WHY.  Don’t click on that garbage if you see the bait.

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