Matt Harvey was a COMPLETE DISASTER pitching for Salt Lake. You’ll look.

It was Saturday in Salt Lake and The Dark Knight was in town.  Now you guys know I hustle my Harvey Days but there was very little to work with tonight  So I  will have to create the Matt Harvey Experience the best I can…with no video, no images and almost nobody tweeting…..but holy cow it’s a doozy.  Its as bad.  Very bad.  Very very bad.

In the first…a nice clean inning and a sit down son.

OK not bad.  On to the second….

Sit down son!

Uh oh.  You know how I keep saying Matt is good until he isn’t….

I imagine Matt looking something like this…..(as he often does after home runs)

OK but he got out of it.  On to the 3rd and it’s only 3-0.

Uh oh.  I wonder if Salt Lake has a sweatshirt bully like they have in Anaheim.  Anyway. I imagine the mound visit looking like this.

Wait, another mound visit?  How does this work?  Do they get more than two?   Maybe the minors have different rules?  Anyway two mound visits later and Matt is still in.

Holy shit Matt.  That was NOT GOOD.

The line?  2,2 innings, EIGHT RUNS three strikeouts and a walk.

Guess who is stuck in Salt Lake?   Sorry bro.   I know you thought you were gonna be partying in LA and banging models, but you’ll trapped in Utah my man.

I imagine The Dark Knight looking something like this.

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