Sterling or Scully: How did Kevin Burkhardt do on Saturday night?

Our old pal KB was back in town and was up for some Sterling or Scully action…..

OK Kevin….let’s give it a ride….


That, my friends, is how you do it.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn KB studied Howie.

Hear how he changes speeds and lets us know that he isn’t sure that it’s going to go out?  A lesser announcer would have just mailed in To The Track To The Wall….but not KB.   He gave us a good honest descriptive call.

Verdict:  Scully

For those new to Sterling or Scully, home runs are judged either Sterling OR Scully.  There is no third option, there is no middle.  Either it’s a great call worthy of the greatest baseball announcer of all time, or it’s one where the announcer calls the play wrong or is just working in a catch phrase for no reason.

Here’s another call…(thanks Nick)

So, under the rules I can only give this one grade. While the play was confusing and KB did a good job on it….factually the initial call was wrong, and for wrong calls there can only be one grade.

Verdict: Sterling.


Always great to have you back home Kevin.

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