Gil Must Go: 10 in a row? 1969 Mets can’t lose!

I don’t even know what to say any more.   Yes it was the Padres.  And yeah maybe it looks like Terrific has figured something out – 14 strikeouts this time (I never thought of him as a strikeout pitcher until last week) – and the man is 9-3.  Gotta tip my hat to the marine.

As for Gil – I still think he’s more lucky than good, or the Dodgers decided to suck right before the scheduling gods handed the Mets the gift that is the Padres, but 10 wins in a row is 10 wins in a row.  It’s ten right?  I lost track and the bulldog edition of the newspaper didn’t have the score.  Don’t ask how I even found out who won lol.

Hey you guys didn't tell me the St. Lucie Mets ROAD jerseys look great! (As seen on Nimmo)
John Sadak in the Mets radio booth: what did you guys think?