John Sadak in the Mets radio booth: what did you guys think?

Hmmm, I wanna really root for this guy….

So I get in the car last night and put on “Howie” and Wayne is off. There’s another guy. Who is he?

Turns out he is John Sadak, and when I read about him I want to root for him.

In case that’s hard to read..

Awwww man, 15 years in the minors getting his big break.  Thats super cool.  He did the work and isn’t the son of somebody famous.    Plus, he’s FROM New York.  And if that’s not enough, here’s his twitter bio.

Play-by-play announcer for CBS and Westwood One. Proud father and husband. NHL ’94 lover.

Oooh NHL 94!  (Even though 95 is better, an unpopular opinion.)

Anyway….gotta root for a guy like that but…..and it pains me to write this post because I am not out to be a douche……from what I heard I wasn’t sure if this is the right sound for THIS booth.  John’s solid and pro…but has bit of that national announcer sound that threw me.  He’d sound awesome calling Game 7 of the World Series on ESPN, but didn’t sound “New York” to me despite being from New York.

So John if you see this, I saw you followed me back on twitter, you sound great.  I’ll root for you and work to get over my dopey initial reaction.  I’m not here to bag on you.   And I respect the hell out of you putting in the work.  Congrats on your MLB debut.

What did everyone else think?

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