Mets fans I applaud you for enjoying Pete Alonso and not anointing Pete Alonso

I had written this Sunday and was going to use it Sunday night and then decided to save it.  Then I saw the Times did a profile on Pete and I was like grrrr…but fortunately the Times also kept a cool head and did not destroy the narrative I laid out here.

The low point of Matt Harvey’s career on Saturday night made me appreciate how it seems both Mets fans and the media have learned NOT TO HYPE THE PLAYERS.

What’s been great about watching Pete Alonso is that he has been allowed to be Pete Alonso.  He isn’t the next Strawberry, Kingman, Josh Gibson, Roy Hobbs.  He’s just Pete Alonso.

(There was that one website that compared him to Pujols but I think even that guy tapped the brakes.)

It’s really refreshing to just watch a player.   No pressure.  Nothing to live up to.  Isn’t being measured against the best player in franchise history.  He’s just Pete Alonso.    Thunder Pete as Gary and I call him.


I do need to…..deep in my soul I need to……mention that you guys do realize that all the 2019 statistics are FUBAR.  Like you know that Citi Field doesn’t play this way, right?  You know that this is 1998 again and like Bob Costas once said, all the greatest home run hitters of all time are all choosing to play in the same season.  I AM NOT ACCUSING PETE OF ANYTHING.  I am with Thor (my #1 follower) and everyone else who is saying the baseballs have been futzed with.   So yeah Thunder Pete s gonna blow past Strawberry’s record…but I don’t think we can compare 2019 to any season ever.  The ball is to supposed to behave the way it has.

But yeah gotta love us some Thunder Pete.  Back to you Gare.