Gil Must Go: 6000 people in San Francisco, why the hell don’t the Giants move back home?

The 1969 Mets won again?  How is this even possible.

Gil is getting cocky now, starting Gliding Ed Charles and his clutch .175 average at 3B.   And can we pleeeeeeease let our pitchers finish games?  Nobody wants to see some reliever come in to get the two outs.  Cardwell was fine for 8.1, I am sure he can get two more outs.

6000 people attended this game.  Are you guys sure that moving to SF was a good idea?   Come home guys.

Anyway I didn’t hear any of it, I can’t be bothered with West Coast games.

Attention @mlbua: Lyin' Todd Frazier appears to be violating MLB Rule 3.03(b). Sad.
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