Mets Police Morning Laziness: Vargas Day II – Vargas Returns

SLACKISH REACTION:  So I put on this NBA that I hear so much about.  I guess I am the “casual fan” that leagues seek.  I was not thrilled with the 9pm start so I knew I would never see the end of the game and made no effort to get emotionally attached to the game.  It was fun and stuff but then they took a 4 minute break and wow that felt endless.  I made it to one more break and then got distracted by Netflix and….well basketball league, you did not get this casual fan to convert.  9pm?  No.

Today in Sports, well some good stuff – we have the Mets vs. Yankees of course, plus the USWNT play.  I won’t see any of it as sometimes even I work and I have an evening commitment.

Pretty cool of the Yankees to wait until everyone went uptown to then decide to call the game.  You’d think the Yankees could afford weather forecasts.

Remember when Darryl homered off the clock?

Get yourself some fugly All Star Game march.

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