Gil Must Go: 1969 Mets make Gaylord Perry look like a Hall of Famer

Seriously guys, this is how the win streak ends?  By losing to Gaylord Perry?  GAYLORD PERRY?   Sure he was good in 66 but he was 15-17 in 67 and 16-15 last year so let’s not act like he’s heading to Cooperstown.  He is 30.  I’m sure we know what we have here.  The guy looks like he couldn’t even grow facial hair.

Anyway, my man Gary G had nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  You can’t have nothing against McCovey, Mays and that kid Bonds I like.

3935 in San Francisco.  Sure glad you morons moved out west.  Come home.  Nobody in the West Coast cares about baseball.

I can’t even get on Gil for this one.  You would have sold your soul for 29-24.  Let’s enjoy being over .500 while it lasts.

Kooz Day tomorrow!

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