Mets Police Morning Laziness: Piazza and Alonso, Piazza talks Harvey maybe, plus the Mets get suspended!

SLACKISH REACTION:  Oh Mets, how Mets of you.   As you likely saw the Mets/MLB/Whoever tried to finish the game in the rain and let the Cardinals tie it up.   The game was suspended and will resume at 6:10pm tonight.

Meanwhile, the NBA Thing seemed kind of fun and I watched most of the first half.  Had basketball not times their game to go until near midnight they might have gotten this causal fan..but at 10:20 I am not starting the second half of a sporting event.

I did randomly wake up around 11:30 and thought about maybe flicking the TV on to see the basketball or maybe the Mets had resumed – but I realized I just don’t care about sports that much and went back to bed.

Speaking of late nights, which recent Mets player do you think Mike Piazza is talking about here liking the nightlife a little too much?

Here is Pete Alonso with Mike Piazza.  You’ll look.

I worked really hard to make fun of this Todd Frazier video and I want more clicks.

People enjoyed my post about how baseball used to NOT be boring – check out the Cardinals vs. Mets wars.

Here's how the suspended Mets game works - ticket info, game time (6:10) etc
Local Mets blogger goes for easy clicks by sharing picture of Mike Piazza with Pete Alonso