Mets Police Morning Laziness: Delta Airlines now sponsoring the cuckolding of Mr. Met

SLACKISH REACTION: I thought the Sugar Diaz Free Shirt Friday giveaway with the Finish slogan on it went really well.

No soccer for me today wooooo.   And yet my body clock had me up at 6.  Rolled over and almost made 7:30 but I AM AWAKE.   What should I do all day?  Maybe I will grab a ticket to this Keith Hernandez Event at noon.

The Mets are showing off their first round pick Brett Baby later today and I guess we are all supposed to be excited about that.  I imagine the Mariners will be interested.

Wags has not posted to his instagram in the month of June. He must be busy. I am looking forward to this though…

Uh oh, my #1 follower is cuckolding the mascot again.  Don’t bro. And now it’s sponsored! What are we even doing folks?  If someone asks you to stop calling their wife it is god etiquette to not do so.  Hopefully my #1 follower was just trying to throw Mr. Met a surprise party and was just covering it up when Mister answered the phone.  And who answers their wife’s phone?  Are things OK in the Met household?  This entire relationship seems unhealthy.

Delta, the airline to take when you wanna bang someone’s spouse.   I am happy to promote your messaging Delta.

Now…what should I do all day…I haven’t had free time in months.

What's happening here? Is Keith Hernandez sneaking a cat through TSA?
Mets Neon Cap