Let’s break down the weird Pete Alonso Jeff McNeil Mets video

The Mets are very excited about this….

The video begins in an office or something that may or may not be Citi Field and our heroes are on a job interview or something…

Next we meet Pam.  And we spend A LOT of time with Pam.  Here we strangely establish Pete’s character as being dumb as a rock for some reason. The joke is that our two wanna-be All Stars don’t know how to spell Pam.

It’s the one minute twenty second mark before this scene ends and it dragggggs.  But then we meet this guy.  I’ll resist the temptation to ask why he’s making videos instead of improving the team because let’s face it, I am doing this post now instead of working…

This is where I am confused. Is this actor Brodieplaying a role, or is he playing himself?  If he is playing himself shouldn’t he recognize Jeff McNeil? Even I recognize Pete Alonso but Jeff McNeil, love ya, but you might be in my pool right now and tell me your name is Jeff and I still wouldn’t recognize you. But shouldn’t Wags recognize him?  (Also worth noting that the character’s office is clearly inside a baseball stadium.)

We are now in a weird scene where Pete and Jeff basically tell us they would be really annoying to work with.    And then it’s on to THIS GUY….and yeah I probably should be working too so sure let Mickey goof off for a few…

We are now 2:15 in and this video has been nothing but weird. Mickey seems to be playing Mickey Callaway, whereas I am not sure who Wags was playing.

And am I just that out of the loop that I don’t know who Pam is? Are you guys going to tell me that she’s like Mets President Of Baseball Pam Beasley? Why are there three people we meet and two very recognizable and then….Pam. Again neither good nor bad, just weird.

and……that’s it.  We’re asked to vote for them.  And that’s it.  That’s it.

So some thoughts:

This is the second straight Mets video that looks great.  Who is making these? Did the Mets hire a new team? Is this BAM?  Anyway looks great.

Seriously, I know we are all on the Thunder Pete Train but ask yourselves…if Matt Harvey made a video campaigning for the All Star Team how would that fly.  (Selfish!  You should be working out and watching game films!  How dare you attend a hockey game!)

This is great that this video exists.  The Mets and Baseball should market the hell out of Pete.  Make him a superstar (which baseball does not have.)

No good deed goes unpunished – and this video is destined to not end well.  You can envision a Mets Police post in 2023 along the lines of “Remember back in 2019 when Mickey was the manager, we had an Agent as a GM and we all thought Pete Alonso was a superstar?”   Don’t get mad at me, you’re a Mets fan, you know how these things go.  I’ll go back in time and make you a Mike Pelfrey/Ike Davis video.  See what I mean?   But that’s being negative…it’s great they made this.

Finally, when you make videos like this you have to win. When you wi you can sing Lets Go Mets Go. When you lose…fat bloggers dust this video off and Come And Get You.

The video is weird.  It’s just weird.  Not bad.  Not good.  Weird.

Keep ’em coming Mets.

Also let me know if you recognize any of these books by their cover.  I’d be curious to know if the Mets stacked the bookcase with like a Greg Prince book or something.