Another day, another Mets video – today it’s Gsellman and Matz and we break it down

Well it’s another day and another Mets video.  The gang in Queens seems to have a lot of time to focus on Non Baseball Activities lol.  Man, if Matt Harvey pumped out videos instead of working out and watching game films you’d be mad.  OK watch the video and then meet me back here.

Let’s break it down…

They ask each other their favorite mascot and they say anyone but Mr. Met.  Wait what?  So now 40% of the rotation doesn’t like Mr. Met?  Why is the organization turning Mr. Met into this entity we aren’t supposed to like?  Or are we supposed to like Mr. Met and think Mets pitchers are dicks?  I am so confused.

Anyway then they go outside and do some video game style Kung Fu Fighting which is blurry when you freeze frame it but kind of fun.

Then the Gazelle Man picks up Matz in a limo or something….

…and then they almost perform a song but Matz decides not to….

…and then it ends.

Much like yesterday’s video with Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil, it’s not bad, but it’s weird.

And like yesterday, I like that the Mets and baseball are marketing their players….I like that these are fun (weird but still fun)….but this all winds up being awkward when the season is falling apart.   Anyway, keep it up Mets, I like content.

Now if you need ideas….

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