Mets Police Morning Laziness – METS SEASON IS OVER at 8.5 back


Nothing is over.  We are right where we want to be.  We are going to win this year and every year.  Come Get Us.

These guys aren’t gonna quit.  They’re gonna play hard every da…..

Sorry, I fell asleep there in the middle of what Mickey was saying.

Look, it’s over.  My number for DONE is 8 games back.  Now you can tell me about the 78 Sox or the 51 Giants or 69 Mets or even some recent Wild Card run that probably happened in the AL West that nobody cares about, but IT’S OVER.    The season is over in June yet again.

This is on the GM.  As y’all know I was never in the Mickey Mafia, but who the hell is he supposed to put in a game when he needs outs?  Got a name for me?

It’s over.

Now this is where we will go through a brief phase of “man that Mets Police guy is SO NEGATIVE” nonsense that we go through every year.  The Mets will win 3 of 4 and close to 6 back and you’ll start quoting the Wild Card standings to me.  But deep down you know this is not a team that will win and the season is over.   I already see the dopey boycotters are active on twitter again.  Meanwhile I’ll keep doing my thing all day every day.  Enjoy your comedy tour, see you in April when the Mets are 5 and 2.

It’s over.

So what to you think of this Pete Alonso and Jeff McNeil video?  It’s strange.

NOT LINKING:  Nolan Ryan is not comic to 1969 Weekend.  He did not give a reason.  You don’t need to click on anything I just told you the entire story.

Won’t be too many Mets on the All Star Team