Mets Police Morning Laziness: Mickey’s Meeting Instills New Mets Winning Culture!

Why Gselleman when up 8 or 10 runs in the 9th?  Well here’s Mickey’s reason!

In better news, Mickey Hodges says the Mets won’t be using any Openers.

Did you hear about Lenny Dykstra and Sprinkles the Clown going dumpster diving for dentures?  This is a real thing.

SLACKISH REACTION:   Mickey’s Meeting led to a new culture and the Mets have resumed their winning ways.  All is fine now and the team is fixed.  And Nimmo was shut down.  But all is fine, the Mets had a meeting.

Baseball is SO BORING.  I have up on that game at 9:20 and 6-0 because all baseball is now is siting around waiting for Thunder Pete to homer…that’s 5 seconds of excitement, and then back to the boredom.

KB wants to to donate blood.   Is this more evidence that the Mets are operated by vampires?

Another day, another weird Mets video.  This time with Gselleman and Matz.


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Lenny Dykstra and Sprinkles The Clown went dumpster diving for dentures. Really.