Mets Police Morning Laziness: in which we learn Wags is making in game decisions!

SLACKISH REACTION: That baseball game was ridiculous last night. The park made Fake New Yankee Stadium look like Yellowstone.  I bailed at 10pm because of the 10pm rule – I like sleep.  Baseball gets three hours and that’s it.  I realize the Mets have become the NBA.  The games don’t matter, it’s all the other stuff.  And there was a lot of other stuff…

Mickey didn’t apologize which was weird, but then came back to say he apologized.   Recap here.

This morning we are learning that “the front office” (that’s code for Wags) is making IN GAME MOVES.   The move in question involved JDG which is interesting in that JDG is repped by CAA and his former agent is the GM.  (see The Long Con.)

Puma adds that the clubhouse was displeased with Van Wagenen failing to take responsibility for the move, as it fueled public belief that deGrom has a beef with Callaway. (via CBS Sports)

So we should have another day of circus now.  Yay!

Wags’ Mets are 5 games under .500.  Never mind Cano, never mind Mickey – there are 3.5 years left on Wags’ contract.

All this overshadowed that the Mets will change the address of Citi Field to 41 Seaver Way as 126th Street gets a new name.  We knew all this but now it’s official.

Happy Lockett Day!  Meanwhile, Thor will start for Brooklyn in Aberdeen.

Thunder Pete Alonso was the NL Player of the Week.

The Mets have a nice sale on tickets.

Mets Team Shop selling snazzy 1969 t-shirts
My #1 Follower Noah Syndergaard will start for Brooklyn (in Aberdeen) on Tuesday